Persian pioneers in bridging the gap between the science, knowledge and business in healthcare;
A family-based healthcare company established at year 2006 in Shiraz, the cultural capital of Iran;
To translate the cutting-edge knowledge to innovative solutions for unmet healthcare challenges

Our story

The starting point of PERSIAN CARE establishment goes back to 15 years ago when DR. ZARRIN was working on a research project in an academic pharmaceutical laboratory and between two runs of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)!
That time, the founder’s main concern was the lack of applied research in medical scientific societies and the lost connection between the university and industry/market. Without implementing the applied mentality in research and repairing the connections between academy and industry, the sustainable development of country wouldn’t be possible; he believed. So, he started to work with some healthcare companies in different positions. However, at year 2006 and after marriage with DR. FOROOZESH, who is now the technical director, this couple with related academic education founded a private family-based company in SHIRAZ, a medical center in the south of Iran and the city where they have been graduated. They have chosen the name “PERSIAN CARE” for their company, a name reflecting the origin and philosophy of company; “PERSIAN” because of their nationality and territory and “CARE” stands for the goal of such healthcare company. The chosen motto for PERSIAN CARE was “PERSIAN PIONEERS IN HEALTHCARE”.
DR. ZARRIN, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, is the main shareholder and Managing Director of Persian Care. His dream is sustainable development of country and company by stepwise reconciliation between healthcare knowledge and healthcare business in a GLOCAL manner. Non-stop growth, creating a successful Iranian model of vertically-integrated business, employing thousands of people, and implementation of philanthropic programs with the focus on applied healthcare researches are his personal missions. He really believes that the “Future is Asia” and Iran as a young and the most populated country in the western part of Asia is a good ground for endeavor and investment.
In the beginning, there was only one local distribution project and three employees but now PERSIAN CARE as a member of PHARMACARE GROUP which is specialised in healthcare businesses and services, has three branches, two sister companies, several divisions, almost 100 employees, strong philosophy and values. But still, this is only the beginning because our young, enthusiastic, inspiring, and inexhaustible team is working hardly to turn all founders’ dreams and ideas into reality.

Dr. Zarrin, Pharm D., PhD


Dr. Foroozesh, Pharm D.


Business Ethics

At Persian care, we are committed to integrity at all levels of our daily operations. We find customers and healthcare practitioners our core assets and our strategic Partners in a sustainable and moral manner and we believe there is always a better way to serve them through continuous improvement. All policies and activities in Persian Care should ensure the compliance with our organizational principles of business ethics, including: Integrity, Confidentiality, Human-centered Visions and Missions, Professional Behavior, Fair Competence, Transparency, Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Strict Measures, and Avoidance of Conflict of Interest. Human and Honesty are pillars of our organizational culture. Having our business and vision defined in healthcare, we are committed to healthcare and medical ethics. As our businesses expand, so does our obligation to social responsibilities; ensuring a sustainable development of our company and our nation.