Persian Care organizes all activities in Six different divisions

These divisions include:

Research and Development (R&D) Division; The oldest division, as the engine of company and the chamber for brain storming, always supports all other divisions for product and business development. Backed to its professional and academic team, ResDeVision is also active as Service Provider for other companies in Iran. In addition, this division has several joint R&D projects with Europen and Asian Companies and organizations.
In ResDeVision, we believe in globalization, networking, procurement, and collaborative projects.

In this division, now, Persian Care has a complete portfolio covering almost all healthcare sectors including dermatology, gynecology, orthopedics/rheumatology, pediatrics, dentistry, internal medicine, gastroenterology, dietetics, ophthalmology, etc. Persian Care is distributing more than 300 SKUs and 15 brands from North America and Europe using a capillary distribution model. Started from Southern provinces of Iran, now DistriVision has three operational offices with dedicated sales and marketing teams in Shiraz, Tehran, and Isfahan. Additionally we have several sub-distributors country-wide. Persian Care has increased its distribution basket by 500 % (5-fold) in 2015 compared with year 2013. More information on brands and geographical coverage could be provided upon request.

This division is responsible for management of all projects related with sub-distribution and sub-distributors. In total, there are more than 30 provinces in Iran. SubDisVision is responsible for marketing and sub-distribution of products in the provinces which are not being covered by DistriVision.

Persian Care, since its early development, has been also involved in serious business development projects to make exclusive agency contracts for import, marketing and distribution of the variety of products lied in the healthcare field in well-growing Iranian 80 million market. In ImpExVision, making local marketing/distribution agreements and implementation of promotion/marketing network in cooperation with a series of well-established groups in the related fields, as well as recruiting a well-developed network of medical reps country-wide, is among Persian Care's plans to, collectively, integrate their expertise and experiences in its goals towards an smoother market entrance, brand consolidation and sales growth. Based on this strategy, Persian Care is now the exclusive Iran agent for many European brands from Germany, Spain, France, and Belgium which consists of more than 100 products.

According to the Persian Care's strategic development plans, AcadeVision is a division in Persian Care responsible for training and education programs. AcadeVision projects have been implemented for improving the knowledge and expertise of Iranian managers and entrepreneurs in a job-oriented way. The mission of this Persian Care’s division is providing the professional training courses and programs for both PHARMA and BEAUTY sectors. There is no need to say that there is always need to learn in this ever-changing and competing era. Managers and entrepreneurs are in urgent need for training and re-training. In this context, Persian Care’s academy has implemented several programs for training inside and outside Iran in collaboration with related centers and organizations.

In line with Persian Care's strategic plans for the second phase of development, SerProVision is a division in Persian Care responsible for consultation, project design/management, and technical services. Managed by a team of pharmaceutical sciences specialists, SerProVision is a professional and customized response to the developmental needs of growing companies in the procurement era. Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals industries are among main customers. Our services portfolio include intellectual property businesses and professional consultation.

Persian care's division responsible for manufacturing plant implementation and production projects. In line with our vertically integrated approach, Manvision is responsible for design, implementation, and management of our cGMP-certified factory as well as contract manufacturing projects. Technology transfer and under license projects are among our priorities in this division. ManVision has a central and crucial role in our sustainable development plans.